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North Carolina - Your gateway to success in the North American market.

In North Carolina, international companies and their employees find success and Thrive in one of the best states for business in the United States. The state, ranked 10th largest by population in America, offers a central east-coast location that is ideal for growing a company’s market in the United States and North America.

International Firms Invest in North Carolina
Foreign-Owned Firms in North Carolina
International Investment Services
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International Firms Invest in North Carolina

North Carolina is widely recognized for one of the best business climates in the United States. Combined with its centralized location, which offers rapid access to 65 of the country’s top 100 markets and over 170 million North American consumers, North Carolina is the clear choice for value, profitability, and overall success.

Indeed, global firms have noted North Carolina’s advantages, driving the state to rank 10th in America for employment supported by foreign direct investment (FDI).  If only manufacturing employment supported by FDI is considered, North Carolina ranks 7th in the United States.  Companies hailing from more than 30 countries around the globe have operations in North Carolina in industries as diverse as biotechnology, aerospace, financial services, automotive and many others.

Foreign-owned firms in North Carolina:

AISIN AW, Alcatel, BASF Corporation, Bayer Corporation, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, Compass, Continental Teves, Credit Suisse, Daimler, Delhaize Group, DSM, Eisai, Electrolux, Bridgestone/Firestone, Flextronics, Freightliner, Fujitsu, GKN, GlaxoSmithKline, Hitachi, Honda, Kyocera, Lenovo, Mitsubishi Electric, Nortel Networks, Novartis Crop Protection, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Industries, Oxford University Press, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Sumitomo Electric, TDK, Thomas Built Buses and Volvo.

International firms in North Carolina are involved in all manner of business activities such as sales, warehousing, distribution,  manufacturing, and research and development. In addition, many U.S. and regional headquarters are based in the state.

International Investment Services:

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina provides personalized consulting and support to assist companies in their location research and decision making.  North Carolina maintains offices in locations around the world, making it easy for a firm to access this assistance in a manner that’s most convenient.  The state’s business location specialists provide information and expertise about doing business in the United States and in North Carolina in particular.  Firms are assigned a specialist who will guide them through the entire location process from beginning to end.

North Carolina’s location specialists also coordinate support from a wide variety of public and private sector organizations that are available to assist a company in locating operations in the state.  These organizations include the state’s renowned community college system, the sixteen campus University of North Carolina system, workforce development agencies, and other organizations that help streamline the process of doing business in the state.

Download North Carolina's International Investment Brochure. (PDF)If you are contemplating investing in the United States, call our team for your region:


Leland Gaskins: 81.3.3435.9301 or
Annabel Rong:  86.21.6256.6036 or


Nancy Ward: 416.368.6956 or


M. Todd Brennan: or

International Offices:

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina maintains offices around the globe.

At each location, you’ll find a team of specialists assigned to facilitate foreign direct investment into North Carolina. In many of these offices, we also have separate teams working to support export activity from our state into locations abroad.  These offices are staffed by professionals who can assist you with every step of your international investment project or an export strategy—all free of charge.

For export assistance, click here to contact a trade professional near you. 

For investment assitance, contact one of our investment professionals below:

State of North Carolina Canada Office

45 Dentonia Park Avenue
Toronto, ON M4C 1W6

Nancy Ward
Investment and Trade Representative
Phone: 416.368.6956
Fax: 416.368.2547

State of North Carolina European Office

16th Floor EBC
60306 Frankfurt am Main, Germany | directions

M. Todd Brennan
Director & Investment Representative

State of North Carolina Japan Office

Toranomon Suzuki Bldg. 5F
3-20-4, Toranomon,
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan | directions
Phone: 81.3.3435.9301
Fax: 81.3.3435.9303

Leland Gaskins
Investment Representative

State of North Carolina Mainland China Office

Suite 6C, 567 Weihai Road
Crystal Century Mansion
Shanghai, 200041, PR. China | directions
Tel: 86.21.6256.6036
Fax: 86.21.6256.6024

Annabel Rong
Investment & Trade Representative