Information and Communications Technology Workforce

Strong Pipeline for Information Technology Labor

In today’s global economy, people are the most important asset to any company and North Carolina gives them what they need to flourish.

Our skilled workforce with highly specialized pools of talent is already here to give your company a competitive advantage. Our workers are dependable, hardworking and more than that, they are happy. That’s because they have a diverse selection of career opportunities, specialized educational support and an array of activities for an active after-hours lifestyle catering to their interests. It makes sense that North Carolina’s workforce is successful and productive. In fact, North Carolina workers are 36% more productive than the average U.S. worker.

And productive, happy workers create better businesses. They, along with a vast infrastructure and a collaborative, business-friendly environment, ensure that businesses here have what they need to make things happen. Universities, community colleges and other training programs coupled with a growing population provide a workforce with the skills that are in demand globally.

We already have a highly skilled workforce.
North Carolina's information and communications technology workforce is highly skilled and highly educated thanks to our extensive university, college, community and technical college network. North Carolina’s colleges and universities contain more than 33 research and development programs and organizations. The North Carolina Community College System, comprised of 59 campuses across the state, offers a variety of information and communications technology-related curricula. Nearly 2,000 upper classman are currently enrolled in computer science programs in North Carolina and each year more than 900 students graduate with bachelor’s degrees while more than 350 students graduate with advanced degrees in computer science.