North Carolina Automotive and Clean Energy Industries Positioned for Growth.


[North Carolina Department of Commerce Editorial Staff]

New study ranks North Carolina 13th in clean and efficient auto technologies.

As one of the nation's top 10 automotive clusters, North Carolina is in solid position to add jobs in a changing automotive industry. The demand for higher fuel efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles is on the rise, while government mandates for fuel efficiency are becoming more stringent.

North Carolina was ranked 13th for jobs in clean and efficient auto technologies in a new study released by United Auto Workers union in collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Wildlife Federation. The study noted that North Carolina has a workforce in excess of 5000 employed among19 facilities in the clean and efficient auto technology field.

The automotive industry has historically been a stronghold for the national economy. Current changes are aligned to continue that trend as innovations create a supply of parts needed on the assembly lines and the price tags associated with the newer technologies drop.

Creating more affordable, highly efficient vehicles will drive production and sales domestically as well as globally. At the same time, U.S. oil dependence should also begin to drop.

Existing companies in the North Carolina, such as Tec-Cel and Eaton, are looking toward expansion in response to the evolution of the automotive industry. Tec-Cel, which began as a research project at N.C. State University, is currently soliciting investors as they work on the development of high-capacity batteries. Eaton is already planning an expansion of production of fuel valves that could add another 120 jobs in Roxboro over the next four years.

Other North Carolina companies that stand to benefit from a changing and growing automotive industry include ABB, Cree and Umicore USA.

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