N.C. Certified Sites Program

To make the search for industrial real estate easier, we’ve already done some work for you. The North Carolina Certified Sites Program contains a statewide inventory of industrial sites that have undergone a rigorous prequalification process to ensure they meet a consistent set of standards. A Certified Site reduces the risks associated with development by providing detailed information about a site, including price and availability, utilities, access, environmental concerns and potential development costs. Sites are periodically recertified in order to ensure accurate, reliable data.

To search Certified Sites, click the link, select sites from the tab on the left and then check the box for Certified Sites to filter the results.

For a list of Certified Sites, contact accessnc@nccommerce.com.

To obtain the Certified Sites designation, communities must undergo a stringent review process that demonstrates that they’ve addressed 31 prerequisites, including:

  •     Business/industrial use designation
  •     Phase I environment audits
  •     Geo-technical studies
  •     Topographical analysis and maps
  •     Aerial photography
  •     Availability of public utilities
  •     Industrial power quality
  •     Engineered site development plans
  •     Detailed analysis of development cost
  •     Complete information on pricing

For more information about the Certified Sites Program, please contact Austin Rouse, Certified Sites Program Coordinator at austin.rouse@edpnc.com or 919-447-7793.