Biotech, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, ICT, Financial Services

Key Industries in North Carolina Overview

Business here is Thriving. And so are the people behind the businesses.

Some of the key industries that are Thriving here include advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, defense, automotive, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, green and sustainable energy, financial services, software and information technology as well as textiles.

Over the past 20 years, North Carolina has transitioned from a traditional economy based on tobacco, furniture and textiles—to a global economy that is driven by knowledge-based enterprises. Many of our traditional industry sectors showcase the economic transition. For example, agriculture remains vital with a shift in focus from tobacco to new crops that fuel such areas as wine-making and biotechnology. Our textile manufacturers have evolved by producing high-tech innovations in the area of nonwoven textiles and engineered fabrics.

These industries, along with our universities, community colleges and training programs, provide a continuous stream of workers equipped with the skills that are in demand globally. North Carolina workers are not only highly trained, but also more productive. In fact, North Carolina workers are 36% more productive than the average U.S. worker. That’s because the quality of life here helps people to flourish. And when people are happy and more productive, the companies they work for gain a competitive advantage.