Financial Incentives in North Carolina

North Carolina's Incentives

In this section you’ll learn about all the incentives in North Carolina, from business resources and human resources to natural resources, that give companies a competitive advantage. Along with our financial incentives for economic development, be sure to consider the other incentives that North Carolina has to offer your company.  

Financial Incentives

North Carolina’s targeted, performance-based incentive programs greatly lessen the tax burden and lower the overall costs, helping companies who are locating and doing business in our state to Thrive.
Companies that meet certain requirements can take advantage of tax credits and other incentives, including sales and use tax discounts, exemptions and refunds, discretionary programs and other cost-saving programs. See the sections and links below for more information on these programs.
Tax Credits
Discretionary Programs
Other Cost-Saving Programs
Sales and Use Tax Discounts, Exemptions and Refunds

Helpful Resources | Financial Incentives

The Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina publish a variety of reports on the state’s economic development incentives, primarily for in-state stakeholders and legislators.  You may review these reports here.

The Commerce Finance Center offers information on the financial incentive programs available to qualifying companies that plan to locate or expand in North Carolina.  Our staff will help guide your company through the variety of available assistance programs

For more information, download the Incentives Chapter (PDF) of our Fact Book or refer to the following links:

The North Carolina Department of Revenue administers many of the financial incentive programs offered in North Carolina and provides further information on their website.

2012–13 N.C. Property Taxes (PDF) is a chart outlining tax rates in all 100 counties in North Carolina.