Financial Infrastructure

N.C. has the research, training and infrastructure needed for growth.

North Carolina's investment in global connectivity and continued development of top-quality business talent gives business and financial services companies a competitive advantage.

Center for Banking and Finance
Supports the leadership role played by North Carolina-based financial institutes in the continuing evolution of the financial services industry.

Swain Center for Business and Economic Services
Provides professional and executive educational opportunities for organizations and professionals in the community with a major emphasis on business training, entrepreneurship and real estate. 

Data Science and Business Analytics Initiative
This industry-university-state partnership works to broaden and deepen North Carolina’s ability to develop business analytics talent and stimulate strategic innovation.

CCI Partners Program
Fosters mutually-beneficial collaborative relationships between the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC-Charlotte and select businesses. Businesses have access to a flexible portfolio of benefits for engaging with students and faculty.